You are currently viewing Global Igbo Virtual Conference Announcement !

Global Igbo Virtual Conference Announcement !

Theme: Bridging the Igbo Homeland-Diaspora Disconnect for Transforming Our Present and Future Together

Date: Fri., 12th – Sat., 13th April, 2024
Time: 11:00 AM Nigeria

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The Igbo people, recognized for their profound cultural heritage, unwavering resilience, and thriving diaspora, possess a distinctive history of dispersion that extends across continents. This dispersion, stemming from historical events such as the transatlantic slave trade and contemporary migration, has given rise to a multifaceted landscape of opportunities and challenges within Igbo communities worldwide.

The Igbo diaspora, characterized by its vibrancy and influence, has significantly contributed to the prosperity of their adopted countries while maintaining a steadfast connection to their ancestral homeland. Despite sharing a common heritage, the physical and emotional distances separating the Igbo homeland and diaspora have engendered a notable disconnect, impacting aspects of cultural identity, economic development, and the overall well-being of Igbo communities.

Recognizing the imperative to address this gap, there is a pressing need to strengthen the link between the Igbo homeland and diaspora. This connection is considered pivotal for achieving sustainable development, preserving cultural richness, and fostering economic growth. The forthcoming conference emerges as a response to this urgency, seeking to explore innovative avenues to reinvent the missing link that characterizes contemporary Igbo Homeland-Diaspora relations.

The specific objectives of the conference are comprehensive, encompassing linguo-cultural reconnection, positioning the CIS’ Igbo Cultural village as a central hub for fostering Igbo Homeland-Diaspora relations, promoting economic development initiatives, enhancing historical understanding, engaging the youth, and advocating for policies that support these goals. These objectives collectively form the sub-themes of the conference, reflecting a holistic approach to identifying and addressing the missing link. The overarching purpose is to develop and implement workable strategies that will effectively bridge the gap between the Igbo homeland and diaspora, thereby contributing to the transformative growth of both communities for the betterment of all Igbo people.

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